If you need help with an SD20 system please call 250-368-2222 or email support@sd20.bc.ca using your SD20 email address (the system will ignore personal email accounts like HotMail or Gmail).  Our helpdesk will be staffed from 7am until 3:30pm from beginning of September until the end of June.  One of our district staff will answer the call or pick up the message and start a support incident.  If they can solve the issue with you over the phone or using some new technology we have implemented then great and if not then we will dispatch a team member to work on it.


Whether you call in or email in you will receive an email about your support request.  The emails are automatically generated by the internal system we are using to track your support requests.  The system keeps the support request open until we have resolved the issue and even allows you to monitor the progress on the issue.  By using this system we won’t forget items and it also helps us track the volume of support requests.


We acknowledge that this is a major change as we’ve had district technicians assigned to specific sites for years and years.  The purpose of this change is to enhance our support offerings and enable you to have the technology you need to perform your duties.


If you have any specific questions please see our Q & A section below or call Adam Sander, Manager of Technology, at 250-368-2228.




Q & A


For what types of issues should I call or email in a support request?

Any issue on an SD20 system that we support (email, SDS, BCeSIS, need software installed, malfunctioning machine in the lab, cannot print, etc.) needs to be called or emailed in.  Once you contact the helpdesk then we take it over (sometimes with your help) from there.  Urgent issues should probably start with a call while non-urgent issues can be either a call or an email.


Can I just wait until I see a technician in my school and grab them then?

No.  If they are onsite then they are working on an issue that originated from the helpdesk.  You need to start with a call or email to the helpdesk and then if it cannot be resolved through the helpdesk then we will dispatch a team member to help out on site.


Will the techs be assigned a regular time in my school/site?

No.  They will all work out of one central location and be dispatched as the work demands.


Have we outsourced the helpdesk?

No.  The helpdesk is still our SD20 staff members and is based within the district.  We have just restructured how we are providing technical support.


Why have we changed?

A centralized helpdesk is the industry standard.  We hope to address almost 50% of the support calls (based on an analysis of support requests we tracked in 12/13) over the phone or using remote access tools.  This way we can help our team members specialize on a smaller set of technologies and not require each of them to know every technology or solution deployed in our district.  It is a way to better utilize the limited resources we have.

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