School/District Counsellors


School/District Counsellors are available in all elementary and secondary schools. Counsellors provide counselling, consultation, coordination and inservice. The focus of counselling is upon enhancing the students' development, assisting with the development of an enabling school culture, and empowering students toward positive change. Counsellors provide a continuum of preventative, developmental, remedial and intervention services and programs, as well as facilitate referrals to community resources.


Secondary Schools


School-based counsellors' time varies in individual secondary schools.


The delivery of services differs in schools depending on time, available resources and school directions. Counselling services may be individual or group and deal with personal, social, educational, and career aspects of the students' development. In many cases school counsellors are involved with preventative programs that are part of the school goals and directions.


District-based counselling services are also available in Secondary Schools.


Elementary and Alternate Schools


District-based counsellors are available to all schools through the District referral process.


Identification, Planning and Programming


Counsellors are key members of the School-Based Team. Often the School-Based Team, in agreement, helps set the directions for programs, particularly preventative programs that match the school goals and directions.




Where appropriate, the District Counsellors will assist District Psychologists in assessing students.


Referral Process


Referrals for District Counselling Services may be accessed through:

  1. school-based referral procedures
  2. parental requests
  3. student requests
  4. community consultation

District Counsellors consult and plan collaboratively with students, other educators, the School-Based Team, parents, community agency personnel, and other professionals, to promote the educational, social and emotional development of students.


In School District No. 20, the services include the following:


Students with Challenging Behaviours


District Counsellors work with students whose behaviour is disrupting their own learning, the learning of others, and/or pose a safety concern in the school environment. If students are not responding to classroom management strategies, then a referral to the School-Based Team should be completed.


Crisis Management for Student(s) or Staff


Incidents of Death, Severe Chronic Illness and/or School Violence - District Counsellors:

  • provide individual counselling and/or group counselling with affected students/staff
  • co-ordinate services in crisis situations which might include referrals to community services
  • work with other members of the School District Crisis Response Team to provide services to individuals or groups in the case of a critical incident at a school


Incidents of Children Who are Self-Abusive and/or Suicidal - District Counsellors:

  • assess and refer the student to the necessary community agencies
  • work with the School-Based Team to provide services to individuals or groups


Incidents of Families in Crisis - District Counsellors:

  • provide direct counselling services
  • provide information and referral procedures for accessing community personnel


Students with Health-Related Issues - Children who show mental and physical health disorders such as eating disorders, depression and school avoidance behaviours should be referred to the District Counsellors. District Counsellors:

  • provide direct counselling services
  • refer to/liaise with community agencies and services as required


Personal Planning for Students - District Counsellors:

  • provide information/materials (ie, Second Step, Skill Streaming, maturation, etc.)
  • support and/or provide curriculum development to school staffs in the area of social skills


Student Assessment - Under the supervision of the District Psychologists, District Counsellors will assist with student behavioural and academic assessments.

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