The guidelines for employing Hospital/Homebound Teachers are as follows:

  1. The student must be either hospitalized or homebound for more than 10 school days. Service to begin subsequent to the 10 day waiting period. Semestered students can access service after 5 days.
  2. A doctor's certificate must be provided stating that the student can in no way attend school (physical incapacity). Submit certificate to Director of Student Support Services with first monthly Hospital/Homebound Teacher Service Report.
  3. The student involved must have authorization by the physician to receive this service (ie, they are well enough to do school work).

The maximum level of support for each hospital or homebound student will be four (4) hours weekly. This is inclusive of a maximum of 15-30 minutes for the Hospital/Homebound Teacher to engage in liaison and organizational tasks.


The principal of the school will be responsible for contacting certified teachers from the Teacher-on-Call list to provide this service. Uncertified unqualified personnel may not be used.


The role of the Hospital/Homebound Teacher is as follows:

  • The Hospital/Homebound Teacher will meet with the regular classroom teacher(s) to obtain the work the student would be completing in the regular class.
  • The classroom teacher(s) is/are responsible for providing specific assignments; required text readings, questions, handouts, learning aids, tests and exams. Normally, the Homebound teacher will pick up these materials at the school, deliver the materials to the student, and return the completed assignments to the teacher(s) for marking.
  • Formal reporting to parents will be done in consultation with the regular classroom teacher(s).

If the student is at home due to behavior difficulties:

  • The Hospital/Homebound Teacher will meet with the classroom teacher(s) to obtain textbooks and general class overviews.
  • The Hospital/Homebound Teacher will be responsible for planning and marking student work.
  • Formal reporting to parents will be done by the Hospital/Homebound Teacher in consultation with the Director of Student Support Services.
  • Student promotion decisions will be made in consultation with the regular classroom teacher(s), the Hospital/Homebound Teacher, the Administrative Officer, and the Director of Student Support Services.

If services occur in the home:

  • The Hospital/Homebound Teacher will confirm dates and times of home visits when a parent will be in attendance.
  • The Hospital/Homebound Teacher will report all discipline, health and safety concerns to the Director of Student Support Services.

Hospital Homebound services are considered a direct service and do not generally include travel time or mileage reimbursement. However, when more than one student is seen during the same day, travel time between service locations (and mileage reimbursement request) can be incorporated within the identified service plan.



The nature of the Hospital/Homebound Service connotates a shared responsibility between parents, schools and the Hospital/Homebound Teacher.

  • School
    1.  The teacher, LAT, or principal contacts the student's home to verify student needs. The school principal will contact a "teacher on call" for hospital-homebound services to students who qualify.
    2.  Prior to the initial visit by the Hospital/Homebound Teacher, he/she consults with each of the student's teachers to confirm:
         a)  an outline of the unit or course content including notations of the class placement when the student last attended and an indication of the timeline for completion of various topics and the aspects that should receive emphasis
         b)  specific student assignments
         c)  textbook and/or other supplies
         d)  answers for specific subjects (eg, Chemistry, Math)
    3.  Teachers are expected to:
         a)  maintain overall responsibility for the student's program
         b)  mark assignments and assign grades
         c)  provide expertise to assist the Hospital/Homebound Teacher when it is needed
         d)  consult with the Hospital/Homebound Teacher when clarification or modification of a student's program is indicated
         e)  cooperate with the home, school and Hospital/Homebound Teacher to arrange for the social needs of the student
    4.  Parents are requested to:
         a)  inform the school of their child's illness and expected length of absence
         b)  maintain responsibility for attending to their child's medical and physical needs
         c)  during the Hospital/Homebound Teacher's visit be present or arrange for a guardian to be present in the case of an emergency
         d)  notify the Hospital/Homebound Teacher when unusual circumstances prevent scheduled visits
  • Communication
    Open communication between all parties (eg, parents, school contact person and classroom teachers, and the Hospital/Homebound Teacher) is an essential ingredient to student success.

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