Program Goals/Objectives

  • To assist the student to become proficient in English in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • To assist the student to develop intellectually and as a citizen of Canada
  • To enable the student to achieve the expected learning outcomes of the provincial curriculum
  • To provide the student with a social environment which values self-worth, diversity, bridges cultures, and works to eliminate racism

Instructional Program/Service Delivery

Due to the limited number and dispersal of ELL students in the district, the instructional program and service delivery model consists of an itinerant ELL teacher and a school-based ELL case manager who will implement the following roles and polices.

Itinerant Teacher and School-Based Manager Roles

  • Itinerant ELL teacher meets with students on a regular “pull-out” service basis, and prepares, provides and monitors individualized academic instructional programs, consisting of “decoding”, comprehension-building, writing, and other appropriate English language literacy development components; and to address any other student concerns.
  • Itinerant ELL teacher provides inclusion support assistance to the ELL student’s regular classroom teachers such as “sheltering” strategies, “sensitizing” mainstream students, teaching strategies for limited English proficient students, how students of different languages learn English, BC Ministry of Education, ELL guides for classroom teachers, etc.
  • School-based ELL case manager and itinerant ELL teacher act as advocates for students and liaise with subject teachers and school counselors with respect to adapting or modifying student’s educational programs.
  • ELL case manager and itinerant ELL teacher are available to support student with assignments, tests and/or socialization and orientation problems.
  • ELL case manager and itinerant ELL teacher liaise with student’s family to help interpret cultural and educational practices and expectations for parents and students, and reciprocally for school personnel, as needed.

District Program

There will be ongoing monitoring of the district program by district staff to ensure that it complies with the Ministry of Education ELL policies and guidelines and the district’s goals and objectives. Monitoring will consist of:

  • internal audits;
  • criterion-referenced assessment of the program goals and objectives by the itinerant ELL teacher, school-based ELL case manager, receiving teacher, students and their parents.

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