Performance and Cultural Arts Program

SD20's Performing and Cultural Arts Program enhances student learning experiences in Kootenay-Columbia. International, National, Provincial, and Regional artists and performers tour district schools throughout the school year. These acclaimed and celebrated performers and artists perform for students, teachers and parents, and often complement and supplement in multi-disciplinary ways, the school curriculum. Program guides and study sheets are provided in advance to best optimize these experiences. This enables teachers to fully utilize this artistic dimension in support of student learning. Students experience a rich variety of live performances which nurture tolerance, understanding and acceptance within our social frameworks.


The Performing and Cultural Arts Program venues have brought the arts and culture world to SD20. Artists from Spain, Russia, England, Brazil, France, Denmark, Zambia, Ghana, to name a few, have contributed to student learning. Theatre, dance, improvisational theatre, folklore music, classical and contemporary music, and puppetry are just some of the venues provided.


ArtsSmarts Program

Partners In Learning Opportunities, SD20 and ArtsSmarts have partnered together to provide additional programs to schools and classroom teachers to integrate artists and art activities into the work of the classroom. Projects involving students, teachers and identified artists which result in 'new learning' are encouraged and funding to support these initiatives is available by application. This often involves a 'residency' at the school site for a varied period of time. We encourage parent support and involvement with this program as well.