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  • Instructions to ensure your Hotmail / MSN / Live and Outlook.com email account can receive email from SD20

Instructions on how to resolve missing SD20 emails being sent to your Hotmail / MSN / Live / Outlook.com account

Due to the volume of emails between SD20 and users of Hotmail.com, Outlook.com, and Live.com, Microsoft's mail filter system has started to filter out mail from SD20. These messages may not appear in your Junk folder or anywhere else in your mailbox.  There is nothing we can do at the district level but here are the instructions on how you can fix the problem.


To ensure that you do not miss school newsletters or other important announcements, please add the following domains to your "Safe Senders" list:








#1 - To edit your safe senders list, click on this link:


a new window will appear and you can log into your Hotmail/MSN/Live or Outlook.com email address and once logged in it will take you directly to the Safe Senders screen.


#2 - Enter sd20.bc.ca as a safe sender and click the Add to list >> button



#3 - Enter lists.sd20.bc.ca as a safe sender and click the Add to list >> button


#4 - Now on your Safe Senders list you should now have sd20.bc.ca and lists.sd20.bc.ca added to the list.  You can now close your browser and effective those 2 changes you should now start receiving emails from SD20. 








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