Parent and Students Rights & Responsibilities

The Board directs that a full range of services be provided to students and parents in support of all students' education and personal growth and development.  Students and parents have rights to protect their privacy, ensure fair treatment and due process, and guarantee access.  Specifically:


~ A full range of learning resources (books, film, etc.) will be available to students.  

~ A full counselling service will be available to all secondary students.

~ All potentially contentious issues, whether arising from classroom teaching, extra-curricular activities, counselling or other services, or social events, will be given a balanced treatment allowing all major points of view to be expressed and examined.  

~ School records will be maintained according to law.  

~ No student will be denied access to programs or services of the school because of financial need. 

~ Parents have the right of access to schools and district staff.  

~ Schools have a statutory duty to protect students from child abuse.  

~ Staff will exercise this reporting with sensitive judgment, keeping in mind that failure to report is illegal. 

~ Each school will offer a child abuse prevention program, approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

~ All schools will provide such services, including counselling, as are appropriate to deal with a crisis situation in the schools.

~ All students have equal rights regardless of race, colour, religion, national origin, gender or special needs.

~ When the Board provides transportation, it will be safe, efficient and reliable transportation.