Buss Pass Procedure for Students

Only registered riders are permitted to board a yellow school bus. To register for bussing go online to the Kootenay-Columbia School District's website www.sd20.bc.ca follow the transportation link to the bus registration form. Once the registration has been processed bus passes will be created and available for pick up at your child’s school. This pass must be presented each time the student boards the school bus. It is the responsibility of the student to carry their bus pass and to ensure their bus pass is not damaged.


If a bus pass stops scanning due to negligence (shows signs of damage – is bent, cut etc.) follow the Lost or Damaged Bus Pass process. 


If a bus pass shows no signs of damage, yet has stopped scanning follow Bus Pass Stops Scanning process.

Lost or Damaged Bus Pass

There is a $10 replacement fee for a lost or damaged bus pass.

  • Report the lost or damaged bus pass to the school ASAP.
  • The school will issue a Lost/Damaged Pass Replacement Form. Alternately you may obtain this form from the school district website at http://www.sd20.bc.ca/parents-631/articles/student-transportation-travel.html
  • Complete the bottom portion of the form and hand it into the school office along with the $10 replacement fee. Bus drivers will not accept the bus pass replacement fee.
  • Your student will be issued a bus pass exemption slip which is shown to the bus driver daily and to be handed into the bus driver at the end of the week. A new exemption slip may be issued by the school on Monday, the following week if the new pass has not yet arrived. Please see the school office to obtain this slip.
  • Students will not be permitted to board the bus without either their bus pass or a bus pass exemption slip – ensure the exemption slip is obtained from the school office prior to the end of the day.
  • The replacement bus pass should arrive to the school about one week after payment is received. The school will issue the new pass to your student.  

Failure to return the completed form and payment will result in suspension of bus privileges. You will be notified that the school will not be permitted to issue another bus pass exemption slip and the student will not be permitted to ride the bus home from school.   The parent or guardian will need to arrange alternate transportation to pick their child up from school.

Bus Pass Stops Scanning (no damage to the card)

  • If a bus pass no longer works (doesn’t scan on the bus), report this to the school office, who will arrange for a free replacement bus pass.  
  • The student will continue to use the bus pass to board the bus until a replacement card arrives.
  • Once the new card arrives by mail and the cards are swapped with the student

Forgotten Bus Pass

    • If a student forgets his/her bus pass at home, the school will issue a bus pass exemption slip for the student in order to get home on the bus.
  • This is to be handed in to the bus driver at the time of boarding.

Students will not be permitted to board the bus without either their bus pass or a bus pass exemption slip – ensure the exemption slip is obtained from the school office prior to the end of the day.

Alternate Address/Change of address

  • If a student moves or needs to have an alternate address added to their bussing information email the transportation department at transportation@sd20.bc.ca with the student’s detailed information.
  • The transportation department will let the school know about bussing changes
  • The school will put a label on the bus pass updating the information.

If a Bus Pass is Broken

  • If a card breaks at the point where it attaches to the zip tie bring the card into the school office. The school can punch a hole in the corner of the card. It is not recommended to do this at home.
  • Please use the provided plastic zip tie in attaching the bus pass to your students back packs. Key rings should be avoided as they are not as pliable and tend to break the card with use. Replacement ties may be obtained free of charge from the school office.

Do not punch a hole near the center of the card, as this will cause the card to stop working. If a card is broken due to negligence (hole punched in the wrong area by parent/student), follow the lost/damaged card guidelines.