Kootenay-Columbia Learning Center - Trail Campus


Kootenay-Columbia Learning Centre (KCLC) - Trail campus hosts multiple Alternative Education opportunities.  These educational opportunities are open to students from Grades 7 - 12 from throughout the district.


Upon recommendations from the District Screening Committee students register and begin the intake process.  Once transitioned into KCLC, up to 8 weeks are spent assessing the student’s individual needs:  academic ability, social-emotional stability, behavioral self-regulation level, and developing the IEP or SLP based on the evaluation. Progress is managed through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) or an Student Learning Plan which involves the student, the parent/caregivers, the program staff and when necessary community agencies.


Adaptations and/or modification are made where necessary to meet the needs of the students. Specific alternative opportunities at the site include:

Oasis Room

The Oasis room provides educational opportunities for students identified as having a ‘brain injury.’  It provides an intimate environment which offers private learning space for each student, while supporting self-paced learning. Youth registered in this program are in Grades 8 – 12 and have a wide range of social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs. Transition into other educational opportunities on site i.e PE, Foods and Wood shop, is based on student readiness.


Students’ progress is managed through an Individual Education Plan (IEP) process which involves the student, the parent/caregivers, community agencies and the program staff.  In most cases students referred to this alternative programs meet the Ministry of Education criteria for designation in the “D,” “G” or “H” category: Physical Disability, Autism Spectrum  or Students requiring Intensive Behavioral Intervention or students with Intensive Mental Health concerns.


Academic courses offered provide the opportunity for students to obtain either the Adult Dogwood Diploma or a School Leaving Certificate. Social–emotional and positive behavioral strategies, including self-regulation,  are the core focus of this program.

Senior Alternative Program

The Kootenay-Coumbia Learning Centre - Trail Campus offers senior secondary alternative programming opportunities.  It provides self- paced alternative educational opportunities for students in Grades 10 -12 who have experienced academic, social or emotional challenges while in the regular school setting. The curriculum focuses on academic courses leading to a BC Secondary School Graduation Certificate (Dogwood) or Adult Dogwood Diploma, potentially fulfilling post-secondary entrance requirements.


In addition to providing educational programming, the program staff is dedicated to working individually with students to focus on their social and emotional needs.


A small number of senior students (up to 20) in Grades 10-12 will have the opportunity to benefit from an Adventure Based Learning component to their education.  Students are offered the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives through outdoor experiential learning, community involvement, working with therapists to overcome their personal issues, building confidence and improving academic abilities. Enhanced student resiliency is supported through active lifestyle opportunities.

Education Outreach

The Trail Middle School provides Education Outreach to a small population of students.  Thiseducational opportunity is open to students in grades 8 – 12 who for a wide range of reasons havebecome completely disengaged from the educational system.


Coursework offered is based on student strengths and may include digital and/or print basedacademic courses and/or collaboratively designed (staff and student) home based/hands onelective courses.

The District provides six full time teachers and six Child and Youth Care Workers to oversee the Alternative Educational opportunities at this site.

Continuing Education

The KCLC Trail Campus also offers Continuing Education opportunities to individuals who have not attained high school graduation. Academic courses offered provide the opportunity for adults to obtain either the regular high school graduation or the Adult Dogwood Diploma. All courses follow the Ministry of Education’s prescribed learning outcomes.

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