Kootenay-Columbia Learning Centre - Castlegar campus

The District employs two full time teachers and a Child and Youth Care Worker for transition support between programs.

Junior Alternative Program


The Jr. Alternative Program is a district wide program for students in Grades 8 and 9, who have experienced academic, social and emotional challenges while in a regular school setting.  The curriculum focuses on self-paced academic courses, achieving Ministry of Education prescribed learning outcomes while enhancing personal life skills and work habits/skills.  In addition to providing educational programming, the program staff is dedicated to working individually with students to focus on their social and emotional needs.  As well enhanced student resiliency is supported through active lifestyle opportunities.  Physical activities such as skiing, mountain biking, weight lifting, and rope training are core components offered by this program.  


This program is designed for students who are capable of age appropriate grade level work, but are not succeeding due to a myriad of issues.  Students must be willing to participate in all activities.  In most cases students referred to this program should met the Ministry of Education criteria for designation in the “H” category (Students Requiring Intensive Behavior intervention or Intensive Mental Illness)


Student progress is managed through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process which involves the student, the parent/caregivers, community agencies and the program staff.  Adaptations are made where necessary to me the needs of the students.  Through growth in self- confidence, peer relations and academic achievement, student’s transition from Grade 10 to a mainstream secondary school or proceed to a senior alternative program to complete their graduation requirements.


Senior Alternative Program


The On Line Learning Campus is a district wide senior secondary alternative program.  It provides self-paced alternative educational opportunities for students in Grades 10 -12 who have experienced academic, social or emotional challenges while in the regular school setting. The curriculum focuses on academic courses leading to a BC Secondary School Graduation Certificate (Dogwood) or Adult Dogwood Diploma, potentially fulfilling post-secondary entrance requirements.

Continuing Education


The On Line Learning Campus also offers Continuing Education opportunities to individuals who have not attained high school graduation. Academic courses offered provide the opportunity for adults to obtain either the regular high school graduation or the Adult Dogwood Diploma. All courses follow the Ministry of Education’s prescribed learning outcomes.

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