The School District No. 20 Indigenous Learning Services provides services to self-identified students of Indigenous ancestry to enhance their school experience. This includes:

  • cultural awareness and enhancement
  • career planning
  • goal setting
  • personal counselling
  • academic support/counselling

Who is an Aboriginal or Indigenous Student?

The BC Ministry of Education defines an Aboriginal student as: A person who is identified by their family as having Metis, Inuit, or First Nation Ancestry. (The Federal terms, status and non-status, do not apply to this definition.)

Goals of the Program

We believe in and support the interconnectedness of students in relation to:

themselves, their families, their culture and language, their community, the environment, their school and their future.


  • Compassion and Care
  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Inclusion
  • Working Together
  • Open, Respectful Communication
  • Humility


  • Increase school completion for Indigenous students
  • Increases sense of belonging of Indigenous students at school
  • Increase cultural pride of Indigenous students
  • Increase awareness for students and school communities of Indigenous cultures, contexts, and the shared relationships of Indigenous Peoples and all Canadians.

Indigenous Learning Services

The Indigenous Learning Services team consults with elementary and secondary schools to facilitate the integration of Indigenous worldviews in their classes including special cultural events and activities for all students. Appropriate resources are available for all teachers upon request.


To access the support and information, contact the Indigenous Learning Services Support Worker in your school.



mobile: 250-231-0244


Academic Assistance

Students in Grades 1 to 12 are eligible for academic assistance from an Indigenous Learning Services Support Worker.


Help is provided in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, study skills, and life skills.

Indigenous Learning Services Staff

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